Long Term Care Insurance

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You have worked hard over the years for an enjoyable retirement.  Now you can protect your assets by preparing to fund the long-term care you may someday need. 


Here is why you should:  According to the Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) in its 2002 A Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance, a year in a nursing home is estimated to cost a national average of $50,000 with some areas easily costing twice that amount, and just three visits a week by a home care aide can add up to $12,000 a year.


The Federal Government’s General Accounting Office estimates that long-term care costs will triple in the next twenty to thirty years. 


HIAA advised in 2002 that Medicare pays only about 12% of all nursing home costs, and just for short-term skilled nursing home stays after hospitalization. It covers home care for short-term unstable conditions, not for longer-term assistance. 


At age 65, a person faces at least a 40% lifetime risk of

needing long-term care, according to A Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance.


Fortunately, you can prepare.


Long-Term Care insurance lets you choose care coverage not only for nursing homes and assisted living, and also for home and community services. Its options let you create a joint policy, keep up with inflation and leave a benefit to your heirs.


Let us help you determine whether a good Long-Term Care Insurance policy is the right decision for you and your overall estate plan.


Please feel free to call for an appointment today.